Acklington WI, November meeting

There were 12 members and one visitor present at the Acklington WI November meeting, which began with the topic for the month, Introduction to Patchwork, presented by Margaret Hammond and Flora Steele.

This proved to be both informative and entertaining, as Margaret described how she first took up patchwork quilting, encouraged by a tutor at Denman College.

She went on to tell us of her visit to an Amish community in Pennsylvania, their lifestyle and particularly their tradition of quilt-making.

Everyone admired the impressive examples of quilts which she had made, but also some smaller items, a patchwork teddy bear, some handbags and Christmas decorations.

Flora took up the theme by describing how her dream of patchwork quilting had only been realised when she came to live in Acklington.

She also brought some beautiful examples of her work, although most of what she made had been given away.

Mary spoke for us all as she thanked them both for a very enjoyable presentation.

The evening continued with the usual business agenda. Sylvia thanked everyone involved in the staging of our Scarecrow Lady Rees-ayekeld of Downton at Heighley Gate.

The darts team had taken on Shilbottle in the first round of the annual competition.

Though losing the match, we felt we played remarkably well, considering that we practice so regularly – once a year. We enjoyed some good fun and camaraderie, topped with a nice afternoon tea.

A delegate to attend the AGM in June 2015 will need to be ascertained at the December meeting.

The possibility of forming a group with some of our neighbouring Institutes has been mooted and this is to be further investigated.

A proggy poppy cushion made by our sadly missed member Isabella Telford was the basis of the raffle, the proceeds of which are to go to the Royal British Legion, as Isabella had requested.

The competition for a piece of handiwork was won by Mary, with Moira second and Wilma third.

The next meeting will be our members’ Christmas celebration on Tuesday, December 9, with catering provided by the committee at a cost of £5 per head.