Acklington WI, Meeting

Severe icy conditions in Acklington and Warkworth left a number of members unable to leave their homes safely so a decision was made to defer the meeting, which normally takes place on the second Tuesday of the month, by one week.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 10th February 2018, 5:00 am
Acklington Village Hall
Acklington Village Hall

This turned out to be a good decision as the better weather brought a near full attendance of members for the Christmas Party.

Supper had been prepared by committee members, and after the business meeting they served soup, savoury nibbles and desserts.

Carols and Christmas songs were sung, followed by a reading. The party ended with Pass the Parcel and everyone said how much they had enjoyed the evening.

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Although it was another cold evening, the January meeting went ahead as planned. The business meeting was conducted in the warmth and cosiness of the Guyzance Room.

Members were reminded that 2018 was the centenary year of the Northumberland WI Federation and were told of the first events to celebrate this. They included a Centennial Celebrations Competition Day in June and a Birthday Party in Ulgham in March.

The business meeting was followed by a food quiz, which proved both educational and amusing as one of the rounds was guessing the English translation of American foods. It was hard to believe that both countries speak the same language.

The quiz was followed by a pooled supper and a variety of homemade dishes were enjoyed.

The competition was for the best decorated biscuit or cookie, and the winner was a beautiful floral decorated biscuit.

The February meeting is a floral art workshop.