Acklington WI, May meeting

Members of Acklington WI have been invited to a talk about the return of the red kites.
Members of Acklington WI have been invited to a talk about the return of the red kites.

Acklington WI president Sylvia Linnett opened the group’s May meeting and welcomed everyone, particularly visitors from Warkworth, Broomhill, Felton and Widdrington and Stobswood Institutes.

Previous minutes were read followed by a discussion on the resolution, Failing to Care – Assessment of Need in Long-term Care. Sylvia had attended the briefing at Cresswell House and this topic had many aspects to it.

The members decided that Sylvia should vote at the AGM at her discretion on our behalf.

Sylvia asked members to decide if they would like a holiday month each year, if they had any ideas for future speakers and said the Reading Aloud final is on May 19.

Warkworth had extended an invite to take up seats on a bus to the Scottish Borders on July 7 for £6 each. Members were reminded that the next meeting would be our centenary event on Saturday, June 13, at Oakland’s, directions given.

The secretary advised members she had left a list of future events in their copy of the Northumberland News and, in addition, Widdrington Station WI had invited four of us to their meeting with Perform performing Live Act on July 27 and Shilbottle WI to their meeting on July 16 for a talk, The Red Kites Return.

Also included is an up-to-date list of current members.

Sylvia introduced Marjorie Goodchild, who made five delicious, quick and easy meals for one, starting with the biscuit base and blackcurrant topping for a cheesecake. She then went on to cook salmon and prosciutto, mushroom pasta, mangetout and sweetcorn and tomato and black plum salad followed by the cheesecake mixture to assemble and finish the blackcurrant cheesecakes. All during the cooking Marjorie entertained us, as usual, with her wit and stories. All the dishes were donated to the raffle.

Wilma gave the appreciation.

Marjorie judged the competition for three small savouries by tasting one of each one and gave 1st to Moira Peden; 2nd Mary Guy and 3rd Linda Aston.

A wonderful, tempting buffet was then opened with guests first followed by members with the usual copious amounts of tea/coffee. Needless to say, this all went down very well among all the chattering and catching up. There was a large quality raffle with many members taking something home with them.