Acklington WI, May meeting

Doreen Wright gave members of Acklington WI an illuminating and humorous presentation on the making of hanging baskets.

There are a number of unusual baskets/containers that can hold a large variety of plants and Doreen brought several of them along to show us.

These included the usual round baskets, but also flower pouches, boots, cans, drawers and trays. She also displayed many types of liners that can retain water.

Several of us were not aware that sphagnum moss is actually a medicinal plant with penicillin properties.

Doreen showed us the easiest way to plant our hangers to ensure that they stayed firm in the holder/container and give a good display.

The use of variegated foliage among plants tended to give depth to a display.

It is amazing how many plants can actually fit in any container.

Of course, she said that although the majority of people used flowers, they could also contain strawberries and trailing tomatoes along with herbs pointing out that some vegetables can also be planted up alongside flowers in ground containers.

There followed a short question-and-answer session before the appreciation was given by Barbara King.

The business part of the meeting followed with a welcome cup of tea and biscuits.

The Northumberland News was gone through, listing the various activities that may be of interest to members.

The resolution of Organ Donation was discussed and carried unanimously.

Sylvia Linnett, president, suggested an outing in July to Lilburn Tower and mentioned that the Warkworth Village Choir were putting on a concert on June 2, in Warkworth Memorial Hall.

June Barras, secretary, reminded members about the savoury food table were doing at the coming ACT table-top sale on June 24, and passed a list round asking if they could indicate what they would be bringing and bring them along at 9.30am on the day.

Sylvia congratulated the quiz team in coming fourth out of 13 teams at the recent finals.

We were also told that a ballot had had to be held for the car treasure hunt as it had been oversubscribed and unfortunately we were not successful.

Doreen judged the competition of a sprig of flowers and Wilma Nicoll came first followed by Isabella Telford and then Mary Guy.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 10, in the village hall at 7.15pm with a talk about the charity Send a Cow.