Acklington WI, February meeting

NEW MEMBER: Members of Acklington WI were welcomed to the February meeting by the president, Barbara Cock.

Apologies were received from three members, and we had the pleasure of greeting one new member, Shirley Rowntree and one visitor Tina Young from Barking Mad.

June Pirie, the secretary, read the record of the previous meeting and general business was discussed. It was decided that this year’s entry to Warkworth Show would be a tea cup of flowers. The 89th birthday party will be held at the Railway Inn, Acklington on Tuesday, March 8, and the menu was circulated.

Our speaker this month was John Hodge who gave us a very interesting talk on dog handling. He has worked for 12 years in the capacity of dog handling, mostly in the pursuit of drugs.

He told us how massive and extensive the operation is in the field and explained, in great detail, how the dogs are trained. He then went on to give a demonstration with two of the dogs he had brought along with him.

It was a very interesting and enlightening talk which everyone enjoyed. Olive Foster gave the vote of thanks.

The competition this month was a photograph of a dog and the winners were 1 Margaret Hammond; 2 Kath Gregor; 3 Linda Aston.

Afterwards we all had time to exchange news with friends as we enjoyed a lovely pooled supper.