Acklington WI, December meeting

The welcoming drinks as members came in for Acklington WI’s meeting in December heralded the start of our Christmas party night being entertained by The Linden Singers.

For five singers and one organist, they filled our large hall with repertoires from musicals and Christmas songs finishing with traditional Christmas carols.

Members could be seen swaying to the well-known songs and some even quietly joining in. Everybody was encouraged to sing along to the carols, which they did. President Sylvia Linnett gave a very deserving appreciation for the wonderful night of music and song.

This was followed by a very substantial, varied and enjoyable buffet which had been provided by The Running Fox in Felton. After everybody had had their fill there was plenty left for doggy bags.

Sue Straughan had made up a magnificent large hamper of a large variety of Christmas goodies which she raffled for WI funds raising a grand total of £145 which will certainly help to pay for some of our speakers.

The Linden Singers judged the competition for a party hat. They were displayed on tables so the singers didn’t know who had made which hat. The result was first Sylvia Linnett, second Sue Straughan and third Barbara Cock.

The next meeting will be at 7.15pm in Acklington Village Hall on Tuesday, January 14, when the talk will be by Valerie Tyler on Being a Councillor. We welcome potential new members and guests.