Acklington WI, April meeting

Anya Simpson, accompanied by her Mother Tricia Sainsbury, put on a really colourful display of their wonderful and exciting items, including many types of bags, scarves, mirror compacts and more, made from various types of silks.

Anya explained that this was a local enterprise, a growing family business going back generations, and gave us a brief insight into the history of silk.

Surprisingly, there were many different types of silks not all made by the mulberry silk worm. Some are from insects, i.e. spiders, and some from natural protein.

It was first discovered in hair in around 1070BC, in the hair of an Egyptian mummy found in China and produced secretly.

Anya told us that silk was extremely warm and has insulating properties making it keep us cool in summer and warm in winter.

Silk is also exported via the Fairtrade network has a very strict route to go through.

Flora very warmly thanked all those who had organised the birthday meal at the Widdrington Arms in March. The business meeting talked about various events planned and items from the newsletter and the WI Life magazine including the poetry competition. The entry for the Warkworth Show on August 17 will be boxes made at the August meeting.

The competition for a pretty bag was won by Margaret Hammond, 2nd June Pirie and 3rd Moira Peden.

The next meeting will be the resolutions on Tuesday, May 7, at 7.15pm in Acklington Village Hall and the competition is a poem about the resolutions. The reading aloud team will give a full dress rehearsal of their entries for the finals to be held in Stannington Village on May 9. Four supporters will also accompany the team to the finals.