Acklington WI

At the July meeting of Acklington WI, Sylvia welcomed nine members and received nine apologies.

She then introduced our speaker, Lynn Sellick, who set the mood for the evening with relaxing music.

Lynn is a well-trained holistic masseur and explained something about the various treatments, including neuromuscular deep tissue massage, Indian head massage and reflexology.

While she was explaining these treatments, Margaret Hammond was the lucky recipient of a back and shoulder massage.

Lynn found some knots of tension in Margaret’s back which she explained cause headaches.

Lynn is able to use her expertise in hospitals and centres to bring relief to both muscular and skeletal problems.

A vote of thanks was given by Barbara Cock and Lynn judged the competition for a hand mirror which was won by Moira Peden; 2 Sylvia Linnett; 3 Linda Aston.

A record of the June meeting was read by Barbara Cock, who was acting secretary for the evening.

Barbara confirmed that a team had been entered for the darts competition.

The newsletter was then scanned through and four members said they would like to accept the invitation to Warkworth WI’s September meeting and seven members and visitors wanted to attend the history walk and tea in Warkworth.

The meeting closed with the raffle and tea and cake provided by Mary.

Sylvia welcomed a small number of members to the August meeting, many being on holiday or unwell.

She then introduced our speaker Martyn Tuckwell who spoke to us and gave a slide show about PLAN Supporting Girls Education.

Martyn was talking about 66 million girls in third world countries who, because they are girls, were not being educated, with one in three denied education due to poverty, being a carer and safety.

In Pakistan, 67 per cent of girls never go to school and were sent out to work earning just 10 per cent of the average world wage.

Many are married at a very early age then contract HIV or die in pregnancy. Shockingly some of these girls were just five years old.

Martyn’s talk and slideshow was quite an eye-opener to many of us who thought they knew what was going on but his statistics told us otherwise.

Sylvia Linnett gave the vote of appreciation.

The business part of the meeting was then started while having a cup of tea and biscuits.

Sylvia presided and Mary Guy took over as secretary. A letter had gone round to all institutes regarding the date, number of people who could attend and cost for the centenary AGM to be held in the Royal Albert Hall, London.

It was unanimously agreed that we should enter the Federation Jolly Scarecrow competition.

Four members were interested in attending the Murder Mystery Night at Stannington on November 17. Members were reminded to put their names on the list if they wished to purchase a 100 club ticket.

Martyn judged the competition for a school photo and the winning picture was of Barbara Cock; 2 Moira Peden; 3 Sylvia Linnett. The raffle then took place.

At Warkworth Show, the Acklington Rose Bowl for plum and apple jam was won by Barbara Cock with June Barras second.

The table was also decorated appropriately as a First World War theme by Sylvia Linnett. Other members who entered independently also did well with their entries, including Isabella Telford and Sylvia Linnett.

The next meeting will be Introduction to Patchwork with Mary Guy on September 9, at 7.15pm in Acklington Village Hall.