Acklington WI

BIRTHDAY BASH: March saw the majority of members enjoying a wonderful meal at Amble’s Harbour Inn Guest House to celebrate the Institute’s 90th Birthday. The meal was superb and the hospitality second to none.

Gifts were exchanged among participating members with a few surprises at some of the imaginative and lovely gifts that were bought.

The highlight, and great surprise, of the evening was the hotel staff parading in to the dining room with a beautifully decorated sponge cake complete with a flaming beacon in the centre all singing happy birthday to the members. A wonderful way to celebrate the Institute reaching the grand age of 90.

The April meeting of Acklington WI was held in the village hall. Apologises were received from Jean Shaw.

There was a lengthy business meeting covering many items from the Newsletter and various correspondence received.

President Barbara Cock reported back from the annual spring conference meeting held at the Playhouse in Whitely Bay.

During this meeting Acklington WI was presented with a framed certificate to acknowledge our 90th birthday. Margaret Hammond, Moira Peden and Wilma Nichol accompanied Barbara to the event.

The speaker for the evening was Sylvia Linnett, a member of our Institute, who gave an excellent presentation and very interesting talk about the charity ‘Sight Savers’ and the work that is being done in parts of Asia, Africa, India and Bangladesh to eradicate cataracts, river blindness and trachoma; all of which are easily treated at a very small cost.

Sylvia used the aid of a DVD and power point presentation to demonstrate the amazing differences that could be made to children and families affected by these terrible diseases. Barbara King gave the vote of thanks.

The competition this month was for a spring flower posy. The winners: 1 Flora Steele; 2 Janet Bell; 3 Linda Aston. In May, we will have the Resolution meeting.