ACCIDENT: Something must be done

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We read another report of a head-on fatal car crash on the A1 dual carriageway near Alnwick after a van was apparently driving the wrong way down one side of the dual carriageway, (Northumberland Gazette, April 13).

The joining B road at Newton-on-the-Moor joins the A1 at an angle, almost like a motorway slip road, so it almost encourages drivers to drive the wrong way down the northbound carriageway.

Couldn’t red and white ‘No Entry’ road signs be placed either side of the A1 northbound carriageway at this junction so it’s obvious to drivers joining the A1 here?

This should also be done at some other junctions where side roads join the few bits of A1 dual carriageway that we have in Northumberland.

If cost is a problem then I’d be happy to make a donation, and I’m sure other local people would too.

Something must be done before there are any more deaths.

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