A1 tragedy prompts consultation

DEATHS and near misses at danger junctions on the A1 have led to a meeting being called next month.

Ken Walters, who lives in Swarland, said he thinks it is time that the residents of Swarland and the surrounding villages have their say about the dual carriageway section of the road which runs past their parishes.

He has set up a meeting in Swarland on Friday, March 16 for representatives from the county council, Highways Agency and other bodies, as well as the parish council and residents.

He said: “The recent tragic death at the A1 crossing at Swarland has highlighted once again how dangerous this section of road is.

“As ever, after such events, there is the usual parade of well-meaning politicians and representatives from the county council and highways department appearing on television and radio making comment that something has to be done.

“It seems to me that the one section of the community that is not consulted is the people who both use the crossing and who pass by the crossing travelling to and from north Northumberland to Morpeth and Newcastle.

“Swarland is about to lose its very limited bus service and the only way residents will be able to get in and out of the village will be by private cars and to do so means negotiating crossings and junctions that have been shown to be so very dangerous.”

The meeting will be held at Swarland Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Any views expressed will be collated and passed on to the relevant bodies.