A1 reaction: A mixed bag for tourism, but criticism from Greens

Jude Leitch, from Northumberland Tourism.
Jude Leitch, from Northumberland Tourism.

Another key industry in north Northumberland is tourism and that sector has also welcomed this week’s news.

Jude Leitch, general manager of Northumberland Tourism, said: “We are delighted with the announcement that has been made so far.

“It will provide a real boost for tourism and for the tourism businesses operating in the county. We hope it will go ahead as quickly as possible.

“But we are also disappointed it’s not going to be running right through to the border. A lot of our businesses in the north of the county do as much business with Scotland as with Tyne and Wear and further south.”

But environmentalists are among those criticising the announcement and money being spent on roads.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust has expressed disappointment at the Government’s plans and believes the £15billion allocated for the road network could be much better spent on combatting the effects of climate change and environmental problems caused by roads, which include polluted road run-off, sound and air pollution plus habitat loss and fragmentation.

Friends of the Earth’s North East campaigner Simon Bowens said: “Investment in transport is urgently needed, but the priority must be better trains, buses and cycling facilities, not an expensive road-building programme that will cause more traffic and air pollution and make it harder to tackle climate change.”