A1 Mousen Bends concerns are raised

The A1 in Northumberland
The A1 in Northumberland

A fresh call has been made for dualling of a notorious section of the A1 in north Northumberland.

Berwick councillor Gavin Jones wants Northumberland County Council to put pressure on the Government and local MPs to follow through on efforts to get the whole route upgraded.

In particular, he has raised concerns that the dualling programme does not include the Mousen Bends, one of the most dangerous sections of the A1, near Belford.

In addition, the dualling of the Felton section of the A1, promised before the 2015 election will not start construction until at least 2020.

Cllr Jones, Lib Dem member for Berwick North, commented: “I am truly disappointed to see the ‘dualling of the A1’ downgraded to the ‘A1 in Northumberland improvements programme’. Speaking with Highways England it appears that the notoriously dangerous Mousen Bends will neither be dualled, nor improved, in the foreseeable future. Many residents I speak to are really frustrated about the lack of prioritisation of the A1 and wonder if it will ever get done. Improving safety on the A1 must be the highest priority and I want to see effective action to prevent deaths and injuries.”

He added: “We really need to make sure the Conservative Government stick to their commitments and get on with the job of dualling the A1 and improve safety. I am asking the Council to raise this with Mrs Trevelyan and her Government.”