A1 campaign gathers speed

A CAMPAIGN to dual north Northumberland’s most important road is gathering pace.

Conservative parliamentary spokesman Anne-Marie Trevelyan has been leading the fight to dual the A1 between Morpeth and Felton and Belford and Berwick.

She says she is ‘excited’ about the future of the route, believing that a case is being formed to upgrade it.

Mrs Trevelyan has met Minister for Roads Mike Penning, who she described as being ‘supportive’ of the A1 Action Group’s fight.

Civil servants are in the process of changing the criteria for road infrastructure investment which will hopefully see the A1 in Northumberland classified as a strategic route of national importance.

Once that criteria has been agreed, Mrs Trevelyan said the action group will build a case which will hopefully put the A1 at the front of the queue for investment.

She said: “We can work with the civil servants to pull together the data that they will need. As soon as that criteria is set we want to be working towards them so that the A1 campaign can gather the right information from regional and national voices.

“There is no money now but we have got 18 months, until the next spending review, to make a case and I am very excited about it.”