A long list of parking issues in Seahouses

Another issue relating to car parking in Seahouses was raised at the August meeting of North Sunderland Parish Council.

A resident had written a letter and was also present at Monday night’s meeting to flag up to members an ongoing issue, which needs to be dealt with between a group of residents.

It relates to the road at the rear of the Co-op, which also abuts properties on Crown Street and the Old Bakery cottages.

Resident Max Squires explained that the woman who owns three of the Old Bakery holiday lets was proposing introducing parking permits, but had not contacted all of the neighbouring residents/owners.

Mr Squires provided Land Registry information explaining that while the owners of the Old Bakery own a parcel of land at the back of the Co-op, the only people who own part of the road itself are the owners of 1 to 4 Crown Street.

He said: “There’s hardly any problem apart from when this woman from Huddersfield comes and starts complaining to all and sundry.

“My proposal is that we get everyone together and discuss it.

“With some allocated space and a bit of thought, we can get it sorted.

“I don’t think someone from Huddersfield can get a company from Essex, who are known clampers, to get involved.”

Chairman Geoffrey Stewart said that the parish council couldn’t do anything, but was happy to provide help where possible and would like to be kept in the loop.

Elsehwere, it was reported that 62 per cent of residents were in favour of parking restrictions on Main Street opposite the old cemetery, but the county council is now looking at if it needs to be applied on a seasonal basis rather than all year round.

At the July meeting, it was reported that the parish council has also been liaising with the county council about new parking restrictions on James Street to tackle the parking issues in that area.