A landscape that’s worth preserving

It is good to see that the silly season is alive and well, judging by Lord Howell’s remarks.

His comments that the North East contains ‘large, uninhabited and desolate areas, there is plenty of room for fracking’ (the fracturing of rock by a pressurised liquid to extract oil or gas) implied that the North East, unlike the South East, has a disposable landscape value.

I welcome the debate into the UK’s energy requirements and the measures we must take to keep the lights on but, like many other northerners, I did not appreciate his choice of words and his inaccurate characterisation of the North East.

The North East has been at the forefront of energy production for our great nation for hundreds of years.

As we progress through the 21st century, it should be this region’s businesses and residents who determine the North East’s future contribution to the UK’s energy needs.

Lord Howell has since clarified his position and said that he was in fact referring to the North West.

That may be true, but I would nonetheless like to extend an invitation to him and would be delighted to show him our region’s hospitality and passion.

From the beauty of Bamburgh Castle to the Lindisfarne Gospels, now back in the region for the summer, the ancient Secret Kingdom of Northumbria is well worth a visit.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan,

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Berwick-upon-Tweed