A great gig for the birthday girl

Derek Allan with Kris Dollimore, Steve Wilkinson and Miserable Les.Derek Allan with Kris Dollimore, Steve Wilkinson and Miserable Les.
Derek Allan with Kris Dollimore, Steve Wilkinson and Miserable Les.
Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

May 20

Shaggy was at a stag do and went carting. He has two brothers, who were also in the race, and the three of them finished first, second and third.

We went to our annual Lightwater Valley adventure, but with Steffie this year. It was another great day and mostly sunny, with no so many people there, so Ellie and Rebecca got to go on everything many times. Melanie and Steffie tried everything once too.

I love these days, no work and surrounded by happy people.

May 21

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We played Clennell Hall folk festival at 1pm, and it was another nice date. I have been there nine years now and I love meeting up with friends.

We then played completely unplugged at The Gate at Forestburn Gate and were joined for a song by friends Evie and Alan Husted. They are also a duo, called Country Blue.

It was a great one-hour gig and then we went to see Sam Gibson playing the main stage at the 02 in

Newcastle. He was supporting our friend Stevie Stoker with his band Twister and they were great.

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So much goes into this business and a show like tonight’s. They deserve great nights like this, as does Sam, and I am so pleased for everyone involved.

Life is not about being better than the others, it is about bettering yourself and being happy for others.

May 22

With the new musicians asking for gigs we have decided to set up more nights, but ticket gigs. It is hard to keep a hold on bar venues.

Stefanie will be back in Switzerland tomorrow and she has lived a good week with us.

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Melanie did the weekly shopping and I stayed to watch Rebecca running, long jump and hurdle – amazing. Ellie has joined to help them out with throwing and has had an eye on the javelin for some time. Today she threw it and she threw well.

Of course, now they have made plans to win gold medals for Team GB and travel together, but Ellie still wants to captain England in cricket and Rebecca save all the animals on the planet.

May 23

Today Stefanie flew home. Today is a sad news day, but I will not write about it.

As long as we have lived, we have been giving life our best and I live for people. We are the best things I know. I hope people get together and make life better, easier and love-filled.

May 24

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For the fourth time in Newcastle the band The Cranberries had to cancel their show. We had tickets. It is sad and very expensive for many thousands of people.

We do not know what was wrong, but knew that it was not going ahead so we did a 10-mile sunny beach walk, which I think was a far greater thing to do.

May 25

A big happy birthday to Melanie, such a kind and caring person, and she helps me so much. She also brings some great music to the North East and helps people to play gigs and venues they would only ever dream of.

Today Kris Dollimore returned for Acoustic Magic at Newbiggin, and he was great as always, Miserable Les and Steve Wilkinson supporting. Kris is the person who played with Del Amitri, The Damned, The Godfathers, Roger Daltry and Adam And The Ants.

We have brought him and so many others over the past nine years to our Northumberland. If you like music and sharing nights with music lovers you should by now have looked up Acoustic Magic.

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