A flashback to the recent floods

rothbury floods 2008
rothbury floods 2008

Discussions have started in a bid to draw up a crisis management plan for Rothbury to deal with any unforeseen events, such as flooding.

The village’s parish council is keen to formulate a local emergency scheme, which would help aid residents in times of trouble.

The plan would set out what role parish councillors would play during an emergency, such as being on hand to give information to residents and liaising with the emergency services and various agencies.

The village has been hit badly by flooding over the last four years – although the plan wouldn’t be confined to times of heavy rainfall.

At last Wednesday’s meeting, Coun Mark Gilson said he was ‘delighted’ that a plan could be put in place and said the parish council should act as ‘a link’ between the emergency services and residents.

“We are the parish council. It is our job to pass on information, comfort and support to the community so that the community understands that something is being done. It is the lack of information to local people that causes problems,” he said.

He also suggested that the parish council talks to the ‘blue lights services’ and the military.

Coun Alan Fendley, whose home was badly hit in the 2008 floods, gave his backing to a possible plan.

“I agree with this in principle and I have got good reason to support this,” he said.

Reflecting on recent floods in the village, he added: “The sad thing is, the supporting agencies didn’t have a clue, especially about who was doing what. It was really embarrassing and reinforces the need for the parish council to have a higher profile in this.”

Coun Steven Bridgett said it was important to decide how ‘active’ the parish council wants to be and members had to define what role they would play.

Chairman Coun Jeff Reynalds said a draft plan would be drawn up and considered and discussions with other agencies would take place.