A broken elbow and a third place – not a bad day’s work

A north Northumberland dog agility champion completed a run at the weekend despite slipping and breaking her elbow.

And courageous teenager Megan Young even managed to take third place while she was lying on the floor.

The 17-year-old from Milfield, who has competed at Crufts for the last three years, wininng YKC Agility Dog of the Year in 2011 and finishing as runner-up this year, was on a run with her collie Shadow when she fell.

“It was my first run of the day and so I thought I would get it over with while it was still cool, but the grass was a bit wet,” said Megan. “I slipped and put my hand out to stop me falling back and I felt my elbow buckle and had a rush of pain in my hand.

“Shadow came round and looked at me as if to say ‘what’s going on?’. I just directed her from where I was and we came third. It wasn’t until I got out the ring that I realised how much pain I was in and that I couldn’t move my arm.”

Megan, a pupil at the Duchess’s Community High School, then spent the rest of Sunday morning in A and E.

Fortunately, this was the day after Megan had competed in the qualifiers for two prestigious events in Scotland.

First she won the Highland Agility Stakes qualifier for the Scottish Games Fair, with Shadow, in a field of 95 dogs.

Only 20 dogs from each category will take part in the final at the end of June in Perth.

Megan then took all three places on the podium at the SJDC (Scottish Junior Dog Club) qualifier with Shadow, Tyler and Kite respectively.

“I was absolutely thrilled, I couldn’t have really asked for much more,” she added.

But with her arm in a splint, she isn’t supposed to run for four to six weeks now – unless she can persuade her mam otherwise!