A beloved goodbye to grandma of Shak

Shak dog Ava who has died
Shak dog Ava who has died

Dog charity Shak has said goodbye to the grandma of the charity, Ava.

A suspected bone tumour defeated her and left a big hole in the hearts and home of those looking after her.

When Ava arrived at the charity, she was in a bad state with claws growing into her skin, she was covered in sores and had chronic eye and ear infections.

But she went home with owner Stephen Wiley they started a new life together.

He said: “As soon as I saw her I knew she had to come home with me, and we started our new lives both together.

“We called Ava ‘Grandma’ and that is exactly what she was, always telling the other dogs off.

“This is one of the last pictures I took of her, just this week, as she enjoyed the warmer weather.

“I am going to miss her so much.”

“When we set off on this new adventure together I thought she’d always be with me. All we have is memories, but in those she will live with me and my family forever.”