A beautiful distraction from the chaos with super photos

Northumberland Camera Club,  Keith CochraneNorthumberland Camera Club,  Keith Cochrane
Northumberland Camera Club, Keith Cochrane
We've had super photos posted this year, with some great discussions and lots of new folk joining.

Our membership has doubled from 660 on January 1 to more than 1,300 today, with three-quarters regularly participating.

We’ve seen 21,000 posts, most with photos, and that excludes all the nice comments that accompany them. The moderators’ lives have been relatively easy because, typical of Northumberland, people are “fantastic, friendly and helpful”, which is our only rule.

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Northumberland Camera Club, Mark R SwinburnNorthumberland Camera Club, Mark R Swinburn
Northumberland Camera Club, Mark R Swinburn

As one member wrote: “The Northumberland Camera Club is a beautiful distraction from all the chaos we are facing at the moment. I wish the world was more like that.”

If you haven’t joined our Facebook group yet, take a look at http://bit.ly/PicNland

Thank you to everyone who has participated, and special thanks to Dave Henderson and Walter Hall, who help to run the group, and to the staff at JPIMedia who publish this column.

I hope you have enjoyed my challenges. It will be a bit different in 2019 with members volunteering to set a challenge each week. The final challenge words this year are ‘Repeat’ and ‘Ending’.

Here are 12 photographs from some of our regular photographers posted in the last year. I so look forward to seeing more in the next 12-months. Happy New Year!

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