£200,000 village flood defence work underway

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A FLOOD defence scheme, costing around £200,000, is well underway in a north Northumberland village while another village’s scheme is now complete.

People in the village of Kirknewton are set to benefit from a £100,000 flood wall which will help to protect houses from flooding.

The new bank took six weeks to complete and will benefit 13 houses.

It was funded by the Northumbria Regional Flood Defence Committee (NRFDC) through its local levy.

Meanwhile the second stage of a scheme to prevent flooding in Belford started in March.

Belford flooded five times in 2006 and 2007 which led to the start of a project between the Environment Agency and Newcastle University to build temporary pools on farms upstream which store excess water. This £200,000 project is now nearly finished with 26 ‘leaky ponds’ completed.

In January, the Northumbria Regional Flood Defence Committee announced that some of the £2.4million raised in the local levy will go to Belford again.

A second £200,000 scheme, in the village itself, began in March with the construction of a small section of wall in West Street near the properties that flood.

There is also a wall with an arch across the brook itself which limits the flow and this has been removed.

In the summer, there are plans to widen some of the narrow areas of the brook in the village and a spokeswoman for the Environment Agency confirmed that they would be contacting local people for their views.