£16,000 funding boost for trust

Patsy Healey
Patsy Healey

A north Northumberland development trust has received a welcome funding boost.

Lloyds TSB Foundation has donated £16,000 towards the running of Glendale Gateway Trust over the next two years.

The money will help pay for the salaries of the development trust’s small staff which spearheads new projects and takes care of the day-to-day running of the organisation.

“The grant is very timely given the reductions in public funding in recent years,” said Patsy Healey, the trust’s chairman.

“It’s particularly welcome because it allows us to fund staff costs. Many funders will support projects but fewer are willing to fund staff or administration costs. Yet without our paid staff the trust could do very little.”

“This grant will enable us to develop further affordable housing and continue to support projects and encourage investment in the Glendale area.”