11 things you said about nativity play charges - and how many of you would pay!

'Tis the season for the school's nativity - and yesterday we asked you if you'd be willing to pay a ticket price to see your little one's moment on stage.

Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 11:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 5:34 pm
Kerry Ann Hewitson (left) and Jack Sanderson in their nativity play. Picture: Tony Colling.

The question came after a school in Worcester hit the headlines for charging parents £1 - with all money being used on "resources for the school".

Do you think it's right to pay to watch your child perform? Or should it be free for the whole family to enjoy?

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Here are some of your best comments from social media surrounding the issue.

Syeda Rahman: "Yes I would, after all it's about my child or children performing and it's a big thing for them. Schools budgets are cut so I can understand the charge just like the 'voluntary' charges for trips etc. Unfortunately this is just the way it is now."

Wendy Shepherd: "Yes, definitely. I think it's something which is very important to a child and shows the support of their parents within the school environment. £1 is nothing to have such lovely memories."

Lucy Greenwell: "Yes, I have paid previously and would again. I know for certain that every penny the school makes is put back into the school. My son comes home with brand new reading books and goes on regular trips. I know the school is trying hard with the budget they have."

Ian Prince: "What about family who can't afford this? By all means hold a collection. These events are about binding the school together.. Not about excluding those who are less well off."

Nicola Rudd: "My son's school is charging too. We don't know how much yet till tickets go on sale. Of course I'm going to pay to see my child but I think it's terrible that schools are charging in the first place."

Kelly A Burgess: "Yes I think schools should charge it's all extra money to help our children."

David Deer: "Why are schools always charging parents for everything they do? Before long parents will be paying for running the school. I knows it's only a £1 but what about everything else they get parents to buy during the school year."

Diane Eastick: "I'm going to see my niece's nativity and was quite shocked that even the parents have to pay to see their own child in a play. I know schools are struggling under the Tories but so are the parents!"

Laura Bennett: "I personally would - but think it's completely unfair for parents that can't afford it!"

Sean Sheldon Cooper McDonagh: "Most schools charging are doing so as funding in this day and age is horrendous. The charges go back into the resources in most schools ... support your children by supporting your schools."

Susan Lees: "Yes I'd pay to see my grandchildren in their nativity ... moments like that are priceless in a child's life."