10th visit to Ford Castle

The Year 4 Lions class from St Michael's CofE Primary School have recently returned from their annual visit to Ford Castle.

Friday, 23rd March 2018, 1:00 pm
St Michael's CofE Primary School at Ford Castle.

Headteacher Gavin Johnston said: “As usual, we had an amazing trip with our fantastic children developing teamwork, leadership and endurance skills while having a lot of fun.

“Many of the highlights have been shared on our social-media feeds and a special gallery is being shared on our school website – stmichaelsalnwick.northumberland.sch.uk“We even got a special cake and balloons for our 10th annual visit.”

Ford Castle has belonged to the Joicey family since 1907 and sits on the Ford and Etal Estates.

It has been operated since 1956 as an outdoor education centre, first by Northumberland County Council until it decided to close the centre in August 2011, amid swingeing budget cuts.

But, in January 2012, it was announced that school-trip provider Chateau Beaumont has joined forces with the council to reopen the centre later that year.