Jennifer Aniston has been named the biggest ‘hair crush’ among women – more than 25 years after her iconic ‘Rachel cut’ was copied by millions.

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A poll of 2,000 women saw the Friends actress top the poll with her honey blonde, mid-length styles which women are still in love with decades after they made her famous.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s wavy brunette locks come second in the most wanted celebrity hairstyles, followed by Our Girl actress Michelle Keegan’s dark voluminous tresses.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, came fourth with her long luscious mane, with A-lister Julia Roberts’ full curls in fifth place.

The study, by Vitabiotics Perfectil Gummies, also found more than four in 10 women take a celebrity snap into the salon when they’re having a trim.

A spokesman for Vitabiotics Perfectil Gummies said: “Celebrities are probably still the biggest source of inspiration for women when it comes to their hair.

“Whether it’s wanting to adopt a similar style or simply dreaming of having hair in similar condition, many women seem to have a celebrity in mind when they think of their dream hair.

“And while some celebrity hairstyles may be out of reach due to your hair type, there is nothing to stop you trying to copy some of those glossy and well-conditioned locks.”

The study also saw Beyonce in sixth place, followed by Ariana Grande’s long, sleek hair and Taylor Swift’s classic look.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira completed the top 10.

Other female celebrities to leave women feeling jealous about their hair include Kim Kardashian-West, Rihanna and Helen Mirren.

Following the findings, a video has been created offering tips on how to create some of the most wanted looks – including Kate Middleton and Ariana Grande.

It also emerged that six in 10 women have chopped away at their own hair in a bid to recreate a celeb style at home, while three quarters have had a go at a DIY dye job.

Just over one in 10 have combed their unruly locks with a toothbrush to try and get rid of flyaway hairs and 14 per cent have attempted to make their own hair masks out of eggs.

The research also found just under half of women admitted to having hair envy of someone they know in real life – not just a celeb.

The general style is what most covet, though 47 per cent have been envious of someone’s hair colour, and 42 per cent the hair’s shine.

But despite the desire to have locks like celebrities, women keep to the same hairstyle for an average of five years before attempting something new, according to the survey carried out via OnePoll.

And 54 per cent say having healthy hair, in a style they love, actively improves their mood.

A spokesperson for Vitabiotics Perfectil Gummies added: “We all have different relationships with our hair – for some people it’s all good, while others are distinctly love-hate.

“However, no matter what issues we might have with our hair, there are always things we can do to improve its condition and treat it as well as possible.

“Really it’s about feeling good. Hair confidence is linked directly to self-confidence, so we want to see all women out there owning what they’ve got.”

Vitabiotics Perfectil gummies has created a quiz to test how well people really know some of the most famous celebrities hairstyles -

THE TOP 50 CELEBRITY HAIR CRUSHES1. Jennifer Aniston2. Kate Middleton3. Michelle Keegan4. Meghan Markle5. Julia Roberts6. Beyonce7. Ariana Grande8. Taylor Swift9. Jennifer Lopez10. Shakira11. Selena Gomez12. Blake Lively13. Gigi Hadid14. Claudia Winkleman15. Jennifer Lawrence16. Katy Perry17. Kim Kardashian-West18. Reese Witherspoon19. Rita Ora20. Rochelle Humes21. Kylie Jenner22. Jesy Nelson23. Helen Mirren24. Kym Marsh25. Lily James26. Emma Watson27. Chrissy Teigen28. Halle Berry29. Emma Willis30. Kendall Jenner31. Adele32. Rihanna33. Zendaya34. Miley Cyrus35. Emma Stone36. Khloe Kardashian37. Kate Moss38. Kourtney Kardashian39. Emily Ratajkowski40. Britney Spears41. Cara Delevingne42. Lady GaGa43. Victoria Beckham44. Christina Hendricks45. Ella Eyre46. Kristen Stewart47. Lupita Nyong’o48. Rose Byrne49. Jada Pinkett-Smith50. Jourdan Dunn