Your memories are rekindled

PHOTOGRAPHS last week from Alnwick, from what turned out to be the Louvre Cafe’s Christmas parties, sparked memories for a number of people.

Kathleen Kinghorn spotted herself in all three photos – she is in the middle row, three from the left on the bottom photo.

At the time, in the early 1960s, she worked in the cafe as a 17/18-year-old from leaving school until she got married, and she even had her wedding ceremony there.

“It was a lovely place to work,” she said. “I had very happy times there.”

She also remembered that the men with the bow-ties at the front of the photo in the middle were the Cheviot Ranter Dance Band, the night’s entertainment that year.

Helen Ternent also spotted a familiar face, that of her mother Isabel, who had also worked at the cafe.

She said: “Mrs Robertson (the owner) put on a great Christmas party for her staff.”

Jill Clark also recognised the Louvre Cafe, as she used to have a Saturday job in the cake shop and has a very similar photo from one of the staff parties that she went to.

l A 77-YEAR-OLD Gazette reader spotted a familiar face in a school photograph from Red Row in 1920 published on May 19.

Robert Burn recognised his father Tommy, who is sat in the bottom left of the photo.

Tommy was born in 1909 so would have been around 11 at the time of the photo. He was one of seven children and lived at Chevington Drift.

In his adult life, he moved to Amble and worked as a builder, before passing away a few months before his 70th birthday.

Mr Burn had never seen the photo but said he knew it was his father as soon as he saw him.

l A LOCAL historian helped clarify the details of a photo published in the Gazette on June 30.

We described the pictures as showing King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visiting the village to celebrate the first of the settlers from Jarrow.

However, Vera Vaggs got in touch to point out that the visit was July 30, 1936 – five months before he ascended to the throne, meaning he was Prince Albert, Duke of York.