Turning back time for clock appeal

St Ebbas Church Beadnell
St Ebbas Church Beadnell

Villagers looking to repair their church clock are following the same fund-raising pattern as when the clock was first installed more than a century ago.

In 1902, the public rallied round to pay for a clock to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII at St Ebba’s Church in Beadnell.

The £68 needed – more than £6,5000 in today’s money – was raised and the clock installed in 1906 in the church, although the clock itself is the property of the village.

The campaign was led by Miss Craster, from the famous land-owning family, who kept a record of all the donations made.

Now, a team of volunteers is looking to do the same to raise £2,000 for necessary repairs, to be carried out by the same company which made the clock all those years ago.

And in further links to the past, local artist Phil Russell has donated a painting to be auctioned, which the volunteers discovered had also happened in 1902.

While back then jumble sales were held, today it is going to be car-boot sales.

One of the Beadnell Community Volunteers, Peter Jenkinson, said: “It’s history repeating itself, it’s all gone full circle.”