Tuck into some egg and chips in the garden this season

'Egg and Chips' fromThompson and Morgan's catalogue.
'Egg and Chips' fromThompson and Morgan's catalogue.

Until constant rain arrived, there had been no chance to sit and browse a veritable mountain of 2016 catalogues the postman had delivered.

As usual, I first reached for Thompson and Morgan’s, a favourite over the years, and everything came to a standstill.

It has always offered so many enticing options, but one new vegetable stood out a mile, the dual-cropping ‘Egg and Chips’ plant. What a suitable name this is for an aubergine (egg plant) grafted onto a potato.

As a student gardener I was taught how to graft a tomato shoot onto a potato stem and enjoy the benefits of two different crops growing in one large pot. It’s possible because they belong to the same family solanaceae.

Two seasons ago the ‘tomtato’ plant was also launched by T&M, based on the same idea. I grew it on trial, and although the cherry tomatoes were prolific and sweet, when the pot was emptied it revealed a disappointing potato crop.

Aubergines, which I normally grow in the greenhouse, also belong to the solanaceae family so it is not surprising that an enterprising firm should propagate young plants of egg and chips for their menu. I will try one of course, if only to see whether the performance lives up to its catalogue description.