Trench-art tank found in reading room

The tin tank - a piece of trench art.
The tin tank - a piece of trench art.

The team at a north Northumberland museum are looking for information on an interesting artefact found in the building – a piece of trench art.

During the restoration of the building which houses Belford’s Hidden History Museum, languishing on the mantelpiece of the Reading Room for many years was an old tin tank that was totally ignored and overlooked.

During the restoration, David Douglas, from Chatton, and an expert in First World War militaria, called in and identified it as a piece of trench art that is historically very interesting, because it is an exact copy of a very early tank.

The organisers of the museum are intrigued as to who made the tank and how it ended up in the old Reading Room. Sitting alongside the tank all these years was a missile carefully mounted in oak.

Fiona Renner-Thompson said: “We are this year having an exhibition based on the First World War and this find will be included, but we still require more exhibits. If anyone has anything relating to the war that they would be willing to loan to the museum, please do let us know. We want to bring alive the impact the war had on the people of the area.”

If you can help at all, contact Fiona on 01668 213377.