Motorhome users welcome trial allowing overnight stays on Northumberland coast

Motorhome users have welcomed a decision permitting overnight stays on the Northumberland coast.

Thursday, 10th February 2022, 11:00 am
Bamburgh Links Road car park.
Bamburgh Links Road car park.

A pilot scheme allowing motorhome users to sleep overnight at three key coastal locations was given the green light by Northumberland County Council’s planning committee earlier this month.

Carolyn Mitchell from the Campaign for Real Aires (CAMpRA), said: “CAMpRA are absolutely delighted that Northumberland County Council have approved the pilot scheme to allow overnight stays for self-sufficient motorcaravans in Bamburgh, Beadnell and Amble Braid car parks and we are sure that these car parking spots will be well supported and bring in considerable income to the area.”

Although the idea was warmly welcomed by councillors, some concerns were raised about the authority’s ability to enforce any new rules and regulations.

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Beadnell Bay's overflow car park.

The council has acknowledged there will be management issues but hopes the 12-month pilot exercise will help to determine the overall likely level of demand and enable lessons to be learned before decided if the scheme can be expanded.

Ms Mitchell said: “With regard to enforcement, hopefully the income raised will enable proper enforcement to be applied. This means ensuring that both motorcaravans and cars abide by the rules.

"It will be important however not to discriminate against motorcaravans who are just day visitors, provided they pay for the parking bays they use, so that the designated bays will be left clear for those who have booked to stay.

"We are also pleased that they are interested in the possibility of supplying a centralised waste/fresh water point and we have offered our services to help Northumberland County Council ensure that the correct facilities are put in place.”

Amble Braid.

The trial is a response to the growing popularity of motorhome visits since the Covid pandemic began and aims to resolve some of the problems associated with that such as illegal and inconsiderate parking.

Several objections to the applications were submitted by residents with concerns about litter and anti-social behaviour but motorhome enthusiasts are adamant these fears are exaggerated.

Motorhome user Tracy Barkwell, speaking at the planning meeting, said: “Contrary to popular belief, most motorhome tourists do spend money in the local economy.

"At times the public, or more specifically the media, attribute anti-social behaviour to motorhome users. While we accept there will be exceptions, the vast majority not only dispose of their litter and waste appropriately but strive to leave the area cleaner than they found it.”

Self-sufficient motorhome users will be allowed to park overnight in car parks at Amble, Bamburgh and Beadnell.

Cllr Jeff Watson, Amble West with Warkworth, added: “I’m not aware of anti-social behaviour issues from campervans. People are over-estimating the issue.”

Motorhome owner Eddie Yarrow added: “Northumberland and the UK in general are sadly lacking in motorhome parking tourism compared to Europe. We are decades behind and it’s time to catch up.

"Parking on the coast has presented some challenges for local people, highlighted by staycations. These parking proposals will help control parking along the coast.”

The scheme will allow eight motorhomes to park overnight in the overflow car park at Beadnell Bay, with six each at Bamburgh’s Links Road car park and Amble Braid.

Spaces will have to be pre-booked online, with no option to pay on arrival, and tables, chairs, awnings and barbecues outside the vehicle will not be permitted.

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