So shall you reap just what you sow?

It's not too late to plant bulbs.
It's not too late to plant bulbs.

Bulbs seem to be on the mind of several gardening acquaintances met recently.

Questions range from: ‘Will the frost harm all the young shoots that are appearing’ to ‘Is it too late for planting spring bulbs?’

It is normal for spring flowering bulbs to appear well in advance of serious frosts and nature has provided them with a survival strategy. It is certainly not too late to be planting bulbs in anticipation of them blooming in spring. There are still several tempting offers available at garden centres and via mail order. When planting, remember that too deeply will give the emerging shoot a mountain to climb and too shallow can result in no flowers developing.

As a general rule, bigger bulbs, for example daffodils, should be up to twice their height below soil level.

Smaller types such as anemone, just over once their height.

However late your bulb planting, don’t leave them in the bag until next year. They’ll deteriorate. Get them into the soil and trust nature to do the rest!