Sophistication with Parisienne design for your next fitted kitchen

Lots of accents can help you create the -perfect Parisienne kitchen (photo: Wren)Lots of accents can help you create the -perfect Parisienne kitchen (photo: Wren)
Lots of accents can help you create the -perfect Parisienne kitchen (photo: Wren)
Lacking inspiration for your next kitchen design? The experts at Wren may have the answer.

With Emily in Paris season three due to hit our screens in a few days, it’s no surprise that interest in Parisian décor trends has seen a surge.

Recent monthly data from Google shows that 'French kitchen ideas' has seen a +320 per cent increase in average monthly searches year on year.

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With Parisian being crowned the latest trending style, Wren Kitchens have collaborated with Parisian interior design expert and influencer, Zoe March, to share their top tips on how to introduce a Parisian theme into your kitchen.

Give your kitchen some Parisienne style (photo: Wren)Give your kitchen some Parisienne style (photo: Wren)
Give your kitchen some Parisienne style (photo: Wren)

1. Add fresh flowers

Nothing quite says Paris like freshly cut flowers!

Zoe recommends visiting your local ‘fleuriste’ (florist) and picking out a bouquet of your favourite flowers. Not only will they help evoke the smells of Paris, but they’ll also freshen up your kitchen.

2. Accent your kitchen with gold

Gold is a must for anyone wanting to transport their kitchen into the heart of Paris.

Handles, taps, sinks, and more, all of these can be gold-coated and polished to bring a true sense of refined luxury to your kitchen space.

3. Keep your appliances neutral

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Having stylish appliances is a must if you want to stay in keeping with the Parisian aesthetic, but you should try your best to keep them as neutral as possible.

Try to opt for neutral toasters, kettles, and pans to allow you to switch up your accessories whenever you feel fit.

4. Decorate your kitchen with artwork

Why not bring some of the famous Paris art scene into your kitchen to liven up your walls?

From images of natural beauty to incredible architecture – French art will make your kitchen memorable to guests whilst transporting you to the streets of Paris every time you cook.

5. Choose crockery that matches this style

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Crockery shouldn’t be a second thought in your kitchen, but instead should match the overall theme.

The crockery should be made in the type of style that can take you from a morning breakfast pastry to an evening soiree; whatever you require of your kitchen.

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