Seahouses, WI, Meeting

St Aidan's Dunes near Seahouses.
St Aidan's Dunes near Seahouses.

Judith Stephenson, our president, opened the meeting and welcomed all 18 members present, plus two visitors.

She introduced our guest speaker Steven Veitch, from the Alnwick branch of the Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic.

Steven has worked in the NHS and is now based at Willowburn, Alnwick, where he has been for 16 years. He gave us an extremely interesting talk regarding the musculo-skeletal system.

This included exercise (in moderation), the necessity to warm up before exercise, the importance of nutrition and the need to keep hydrated, as well as the reasons why we have the odd aches and pains.

He mentioned why some of us eventually have bunions, back-ache and knee problems, and the necessity of taking care of ourselves. Swimming, walking, pilates and yoga all assist the human frame.

Val Hart gave the vote of thanks, promising to remember Steven’s advice.

After refreshments we settled down to the business part of the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The group meeting held in Seahouses the previous week was very successful when we had Aileen Orr, from the Borders, talking about her book Wojtek The Bear, who was a Polish war hero.

The spring council meeting in Newcastle on April 7 had been well attended: Mrs Mary Rawnsley gave us a report.

Future dates include: visit to Northumberlandia on June 21, transport being arranged; September 16 car treasure hunt; September 17 10-pin bowling at Hexham Leisure Centre; October 10 visit to Bowes Museum; October 11 Centenary Photography Competition.

Our next pub lunch will be on June 2, details to be given later. Plans are being made for our annual Strawberry Afternoon Tea to be held in August.

The competition for a Shoe Horn was won by Peggy Wood, followed by Judith Stephenson and Val Hart. The winner of the most points the whole year was Sheila Young. She won the trophy, followed by Mrs MacFarlane and Marjorie Turner.

The raffle was won by Mrs J Stephenson, Mrs M Turner and Mrs M Hunt.

Our next meeting is on June 5 when Sue Boyd will speak about the Big Knit and the competition will be an object ‘K’. Do come along.