Seahouses WI, Meeting

Seahouses Harbour
Seahouses Harbour

Mrs Judith Stephenson, our president, opened the meeting.

Twenty members were present on what was a very wet, cold evening, with torrential rain.

She introduced our guest speaker for the evening, Dr Edith Holding, her interesting subject being Shoreditch to Stratford.

This interesting young lady had a wealth of experience and knowledge about William Shakespeare and the theatre during his lifetime. She had several drawings and pictures depicting life in London during the 1500s.

The time has been called the Cradle of English Theatre. Theatres were all open air and seemed to be well supported, with an all-male cast.

Dr Holding had some ancient, interesting drawings, showing the various parts of ancient London – some can still be seen today – the bear-baiting pits, the outbreaks of plague that came along, the original Globe theatre and the various plays that were produced, including the Christopher Marlowe plays.

After the vote of thanks, which was given by Mrs Elizabeth Fortune, and refreshments, the raffle was drawn, the winners being Elaine Godber and Jude Sawyer.

The competition, a theatre programme, was won by Marjorie Turner and Sheila Young.

The minutes of our previous meeting held in May were read and accepted.

Correspondence consisted of notification from Cresswell House regarding future events, such as darts, dominoes, a Ramble round Amble, a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and a Book Lovers’ Tea Party. There will also be a Pledge Auction in September at Stannington, and a Car Treasure Hunt in October.

Mrs Marjorie Turner had been our delegate at the spring council meeting in Newcastle in April. She read out the report regarding the WI.

One of our WI advisors, Ms Prudence Marks, gave a brief summary, advising us all of the importance of maintaining accurate records as these will be preserved for posterity.

Our last pub lunch had been at the Longstone House Hotel, which had been very enjoyable. Our next pub lunch will be on July 1, at the Percy Arms, at Chatton. All are invited.

Our next meeting, on July 4, will be a talk by Andy Craig regarding local photography. The competition will be for a favourite photograph.

New members are always welcome to our interesting monthly meetings.