Seahouses, Probus

Big waves during a tidal surge at Seahouses harbour Picture by Jane Coltman
Big waves during a tidal surge at Seahouses harbour Picture by Jane Coltman

The meeting began with a minute’s silence for Tom Orrin, a member who passed away recently.

We then welcomed back our secretary Fraser Suffield, who has missed the last two meetings because of illness. Fraser said he had already booked six speakers for next year and is looking for another six to complete the programme.

Chairman Tony Willis announced that we had one new member attending his first meeting, but we still needed more new blood. Anyone interested can ring Fraser on 01665 576236.

He then introduced our speaker Isabel Gordon, whose topic was Herstory, a look at history through women’s lives. Isobel’s talk concentrated on women and their roll in all forms of society.

She indicated the way women have been treated through the ages and the cultures that dictated their positions in every walk of life. The fact that there were 17 women on the Mayflower is often ignored. Women only got the vote in this country a hundred years ago whilst in other countries they still have few rights.

Whereas many women achieved fame in their own environment, Marie Curie for example, others were sidelined in discoveries whilst their male counterparts were given recognition.

Isabel’s talk was clear and concise and gave us much food for thought

Norman Laidler, in his vote of thanks, added a few more instances of the changes taking place in our society, such as in football where the officials were once the domain of men only.