Seahouses, Probus

Seahouses Picture by Jane Coltman
Seahouses Picture by Jane Coltman

In the absence of chairman Chris Hull, the meeting was opened by our vice-chairman Tony Willis, who welcomed our guests and called for apologies for absence.

We were informed by secretary Fraser Suffield and our treasurer Forbes Grant that their respective responsibilities were in admirable condition, Fraser again commenting that we could still do with more members.

We were then reminded of this month’s Probus Quiz and our upcoming Annual Lunch, and after wishing to those with birthdays this month a Happy Birthday, our speaker was introduced.

This was Rosemary Skinner with a talk entitled Wagons Roll – Opening Up The West Of America.

She told us how she and her husband Dennis had spent six weeks in America, winter in the Rockies and summer in the South, and how after visiting a bookshop she had become fascinated by thoughts of what it must have been like travelling this huge distance, particularly for the womenfolk.

We heard of the use of oxen, rather than horses or mules, for pulling the wagons, and of the wagons themselves as living quarters. The feeding problems and medical conditions were also highlighted.

Thanks for a most enlightening and entertaining lecture were given by Ian Wilkinson.

Our next meeting will be on October 4.