Seahouses, Probus

Seahouses Harbour. Pictures by Jane Coltman.
Seahouses Harbour. Pictures by Jane Coltman.

Chairman Chris Hull opened the meeting and called for apologies, which were announced by our secretary Fraser Suffield.

We were told that member David Morgan had had a nasty fall and we all wished him well. He is believed to be recovering nicely.

Birthday greetings followed and our secretary’s report was called for. This confirmed satisfactory administration, but regretted low membership numbers. Anyone wishing to join should contact any member, or our secretary on 01665 576236.

Treasurer Forbes Grant confirmed in his report that we are still solvent.

We were then introduced to our speaker, Richard Postlethwaite, who as a member of Probus was well known to the audience.

Richard gave a talk entitled The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, which was from the perspective of a schoolmaster and gave us a fascinating insight into its history and workings.

The scheme commenced for boys aged 15 to 18 in 1956, was extended to girls in 1958, and is now for 14 to 25-year-olds.

Richard explained that there are three awards of increasing difficulty, and told us of the joys and difficulties of running the scheme that he had experienced.

It was obvious that he has a very high regard for the scheme, which has done so much for so many children and young adults.

The vote of thanks was given by Tony Willis for a talk that honoured a highly respected scheme.

Our next meeting will be on August 2.