Areas of the North East which recorded the biggest increase in footfall over the bank holiday weekend.

The 10 North East towns with the biggest increase in footfall over the bank holiday weekend

Fewer travel restrictions and good weather resulted in a jump in trips to coastal towns over the recent bank holiday weekend.

New analysis has revealed that Tal-y-bont in Gwynedd, North Wales, was the coastal town that saw the biggest increase in visits and footfall – a rise of 60% compared to the three previous weeks.

The research was carried out by Huq Industries, a mobility research business, using its Community Vision product, for use by local councils to support decision-making around the future of our cities, towns and high streets.

The data represents a unique daily count of Huq's GB mobile panellists observed across coastal towns and places during the three weeks prior to the second spring bank holiday weekend on May 29, and the time elapsed. The value provided is the percentage change between the observation periods, which are aggregated at the city and region levels.

Here are the 10 North East towns where the biggest increases in footfall were recorded.

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