Alnwick and District Camera Club 'Painting with Light'.

Painting with light the focus of camera club trip to Alnmouth beach

Alnwick & District Camera Club members found themselves testing the quality of waterproof seals on their cameras as well as their winter coats and hats on their most recent outing.

Friday, 12th November 2021, 10:00 am

Around 20 members were on the beach at Alnmouth having been invited by Dawn Robertson and Jane Coltman to a workshop on Painting with Light.

It was black dark, cold and wet but flash lights were produced and boxes full of interesting and colourful objects/apparatus appeared.

Dawn and Jane demonstrated some broad principles of ‘painting with light’.

Each group was provided with colour wands, coloured torches and other light emitting objects.

There was lots of trial and error and the giving and taking of advice but capture the results they did.

Some of these were totally abstract while others were more deliberately pictorial.

Swirls, lines, wiggles and wild waving produced beautiful mixes of shape and dramatic colour.

More deliberate ‘drawing’ with a light source produced body shapes, flowers, fish families, houses and gardens in profusion.

The wet sand created wide colourful reflections which added hugely.

With the tide advancing members retreated well satisfied with the experience and the photographic outcomes.

Report by John Thompson

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