New 52-space car park planned at Northumberland beach

Plans have been lodged for a car park next to a spectacular beach in north Northumberland.

Thursday, 21st April 2022, 3:01 pm

An application seeking permission for a 52-space car park on land near Cheswick Sands has been submitted by the Crossman Will Trust.

The beach, south of Berwick, has limited parking on the approach road at the moment and gets congested at peak times.

A planning report states: “The applicant owns land adjacent to the existing Cheswick Sands car park and is keen to develop a new 50-space car park to cater for current demand.

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Cheswick beach, near Berwick.

"The existing car park is small with no defined spaces. The car park allows for approximately 10 cars but regularly overflows due to current demand which results in vehicles parking along the highway verge.

“The applicant is keen to alleviate the current parking problem by providing a larger, fit-for-purpose car parking area that would concentrate all cars within one, well managed and appropriately landscaped area.

"In turn, this would result in improvements to highway safety and would improve the character of this part of the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.” (AONB).

The Crossman Trust has engaged with the Northumberland Coast AONB Partnership in advance of lodging the application.

Existing parking at Cheswick Sands.

"Feedback has been positive, acknowledging the current problem,” states the planning report. “The applicant has also engaged with the parish council who have voiced their support.”

The car park, if approved, would be located on the grassland field to the north of the existing parking places.

Addressing the visual impact, the report states: “Rather than cars being dispersed over a large, prominent tract of open countryside, along the roadside, cars would be concentrated within the proposed car park.”

On ecological matters, it adds: “Due the small size of the site and its location, adjacent to the minor road and train line it is considered to be of low ornithological value.”

The report concludes: “A modern car park with appropriately sized bays and turning facilities would improve the accessibility of the area and would solve a current parking problem in the area.

"Overall, it is clear that the proposals put forward are a welcome facility for visitors to the area.”