Ducklings head to a new home after care from Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust

Ducklings found before Christmas with no parents have gone to their new home.
Harriet the leveret.Harriet the leveret.
Harriet the leveret.

Although we don’t take domestic animals in we were not too sure where these little fluffy chicks had come from.

Fortunately the people that found them were happy to give them a home once they did not need a heated area.

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They have come on leaps and bounds, quite literally, as they are very active ducks. They have turned out to be Muscovy or a Muscovy cross. They have grown up to look very nice birds.

Their new carers came and saw what kind of house and run they would need and have built the ideal new home for them, keeping them as safe as possible from Avian Influenza.

The birds are used to people so should adapt to their new home quite well. This was a very good outcome for all.

I have just returned from holiday but the week before I went I was desperately trying to get a tiny Leveret to take a bottle. She only weighed 134 grams when she was brought in and lost weight each day for the first four days. I finally got her to take a decent amount of milk two days before I left for my holiday.

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If I had been going in this country I could have taken her along as I have done with baby birds but we were going abroad so I knew I had to leave her behind.

Jackie came up and stayed for a night and watched how I fed her and then she agreed to take her on. She had never done anything like this before so I knew she was very worried about taking it on.

Leverets often take up to five days to get into a proper milk feeding routine so I knew it would be just at a difficult time. The night before I handed her over to Jackie she took her bottle beautifully. The first time she had taken enough to get her putting on weight. Jackie kept in touch with me whilst we were away and I was glad to see that little Harriet was putting on weight and taking her bottle as she should.

Jackie will find it hard as I do when the leveret comes down to go into the Lomax aviary and she must have no further contact with her. She has to forget all about who fed her and become wild. It is very hard to let go but it was a great new experience for Jackie and she won’t be so worried next time she has to take on an orphan like this. She weighed over 300 grams when Jackie took this picture. As I have only just come back I haven’t seen her yet.

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We are all really busy now getting ready for the Easter Fair on Saturday, April 8. We are planning a big tombola with super prizes a very special raffle with Easter in mind. There is an Easter Egg prize for anyone who can find the mystery object hidden on the tables in the hall. Pick up a leaflet at the door and try to win the prize.

All the stall holders are taking part so it will be a bit of fun. We hope to have stalls with home-made craft items, jewellery, photographs, and other art work. Lots of home baking to enjoy with a coffee or tea or to take home for later. Fun for the children too with The Mad Hatters Tea Party. Since I am writing this as it is cold and hailing I hope it will all take place in a nice warm hall. Come and have some fun.