The Alnwick Garden cherry orchard.

15 pictures of cherry blossom in The Alnwick garden - as experts set to make green tea from blooms

The stunning cherry orchard at The Alnwick Garden is now in full bloom.

By Ian Smith
Wednesday, 22nd April 2020, 6:00 am

The largest Tai Haku orchard in the world – with 329 trees – may be closed off to visitors but a live webcam is giving people an opportunity to see it.

Mark Brassell, chief executive of The Alnwick Garden, said: “The Tai Haku cherry blossom orchard is a landscape of pure peace and tranquility; earily silent, just buzzing bees working away in the orchard and the calling of nesting birds. Simply sensational.”

This year’s blossom is also being commemorated.

The Alnwick Garden has invited in Gateshead based single-estate tea merchants Estate Tea Co to collaborate on a strictly limited edition Japanese sencha green tea infused with petals from the orchard.

Under normal circumstances the Garden would not allow cherry blossom to be picked from the orchard. However as guests aren't able to visit due to COVID-19 the Garden wishes to commemorate this year’s blossom in a special way.

Once the petals have been dehydrated and blended, the tea will be available directly from The Alnwick Garden and also on Estate Tea Co's website.

This year’s blossom is also being commemorated.

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