NOSTALGIA: Working on the ash wagon

Dougie Hedley pictured with Tom Selby Snr in 1961.
Dougie Hedley pictured with Tom Selby Snr in 1961.

Gazette reader Dougie Hedley, from Alnwick, provided these two photos, which feature him and his colleagues working on the ash wagons (dustcarts) in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

The top picture features Dougie and Tom Selby Snr in 1961.

Picture from  Dougie Hedley

Picture from Dougie Hedley

The bottom picture was taken in Lower Barresdale in the late 1950s. It features, from left, foreman Albert Purvis, Jack Hall, Tom Lorimer and Bob Moor.

Dougie said that back then, with the town being much smaller, one crew did the housing estates and streets and another did the town centre and shops.

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