NOSTALGIA: Line-up completed

Alnwick ladies' dwyle flonking team.
Alnwick ladies' dwyle flonking team.

We now have the names – for the front row at least – for this photo, provided by reader Wendy Gladstone, née Sisterson, which first appeared in the Gazette two weeks ago.

It features the Alnwick ladies’ dwyle flonking team during Alnwick Fair week.

Wendy is pictured fifth along from the left on the front row and she also named Denise Rothwell (née Palmer), third along on the front row; Rosie Cook, on the far right of the front row; and Gillian (Enland, she thinks) fourth along on the front row.

Now, we can name them all, thanks to Carol Lawrence, who said that she thinks the date is around 1981 or 1982.

From left to right, they are: Sue Knox; Lesley Lawson (unmarried name); Denise Rothwell, née Palmer; Gillian Enlund; Wendy Gladstone, née Sisterson; Carol Lawrence, Jean Goodfellow; Rosie Cook.

Carol said: “It’s in about 1981 or 82. We all got dressed up and were quite glamourous.

“According to Jean Goodfellow, although I don’t remember, Rosie Cook’s late husband Melvyn arrived dressed as a butler and served cucumber sandwiches.

“I have actually got that photo and it was quite funny because no one recognised me (when it appeared in the Gazette). It was amazing that the two people named were the two that I didn’t know.”