North Sunderland WI, Meeting


Judith Stephenson opened the meeting of North Sunderland and Seahouses WI, welcoming 23 members.

She introduced speaker David Stanton, crew manager of Seahouses Fire Station.

He is local, interesting and updated us regarding fire regulations, precautions, electrical equipment and security, asking how often we check our home fire alarms.

The work of the fire brigade is varied, from grass fires to homes, including chip pans, chimneys, house fires, electrical appliances and maintenance.

Our area covers Embleton to Belford, including the A1.

When there is a home call-out it often is caused by an appliance. Care must be taken when using a fire extinguisher and fire blanket. Most modern appliances will cause a fuse box to ‘trip’ if a problem arises.

Val Hart gave the vote of thanks for a very interesting and useful talk.

Smoke alarms require checking regularly and Mr Stanton left with us sheets to request our home alarms to be tested.

The competition ‘D’ was won by Sheila Young, Sandra MacFarlane and Nora Mileham.

Correspondence from Cresswell House was read, including the report of the spring council meeting.

Arrangements were made for transport to the pantomime in January. Our Christmas lunch is on December 8, and plans were made for our Christmas party, including supper, at our December meeting. Christmas at Hexham Abbey will be celebrated on December 14, transport is arranged.

The raffle was won by Carol Philips, Sheila Dickson and Sandra MacFarlane.

Our next meeting is our Christmas party on Tuesday, December 5, at 7pm. Do come and join us.