North Sunderland and Seahouses WI, Meeting

Seahouses Picture by Jane Coltman
Seahouses Picture by Jane Coltman

The evening was recognition of the suffragette movement. Several ladies wore garments reminiscent of those days.

A warm welcome was given by President Judith Stephenson to all 21 members present – plus our WI Advisor, Prudence Marks.

The minutes of the previous meeting in February 6 were read as the March meeting had been cancelled owing to the heavy snowfall.

As it was the annual meeting, our new committee was set in place, including the new treasurer.

Our secretary, Mrs S MacFarlane, gave us the summary of last year’s meetings and guest speakers.

Future dates include darts and dominoes final, the annual bowls competition and a trip to the Georgian Theatre in Richmond.

A delicious supper of pie and peas was served, followed by some birthday cake and tea – most acceptable on such a cold wet evening. This was followed by a sing-a-long of old times during the First World War, very happy little tunes. Ms Pat Adams obliged us by bringing her portable electronic instrument and playing it for us. A very happy evening.

The raffle was won by Mrs D Edmison and Mrs S Dickson. The competition was won by Mrs S MacFarlane and Mrs V Hart. The Easter Bonnet was won by Mrs B Tinker, Mrs S Young and Mrs E Fortune.

Our next meeting, May 1, is when we will have a podiatrist coming along to offer some advice. Do come along and join us, learn all about our feet and the care of them, followed by tea and biscuits.