Nature at her finest is top of the shots

A stunning picture of a hare taking a break in a tunnel of gold was our top of the shots last week.

Friday, 17th May 2019, 2:00 pm
FIRST: A hare in a tunnel of gold, just outside Denwick, by Calum Gladstone. (343 likes)

Calum Gladstone’s cracking photo, taken in a field just outside Denwick, topped our reader picture competition with 343 likes.

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SECOND: Faye Taylor's picture of Dougie and little sister Dancie enjoying the daffodils at Warkworth Castle. (307 likes)

Then each week in the Gazette, we feature the four which received the most likes.

In second place was Faye Taylor, whose lovely shot of Dougie and his little sister Dancie enjoying the daffodils at Warkworth Castle attracted 307 likes.

Third spot went to Lorna Stewart-Hook for an atmospheric picture of the refuge hut on the Pilgrim’s Way to Holy Island, with 299 likes.

Warkworth Castle made another apperance in the fourth-placed view. Lyn Douglas’s photo of a gorgeous sunset, with the castle reflected in the river, was liked 284 times.

THIRD: The refuge box on the Pilgrim's Way to Holy Island by Lorna Stewart-Hook.(299 likes)

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FOURTH: Sunset over Warkworth Castle by Lyn Douglas. (284 likes)