Media offers prove successful addition to summer crops

Asparagus bed.
Asparagus bed.

Two successful introductions to the garden this year were the strawberry and asparagus plants, both of which came via offers in the media.

Oodles of mature organic matter went into the bed where they grow and it has paid off handsomely.

Out went the three existing strawberry varieties in winter to make way for four newcomers in April.

So many improved new cultivars are arriving on the market that I believe in ringing the changes every few years in search of vigour, disease resistance and flavour.

The result this time is lots of rooted runners, some of which are being potted up for early fruits in the greenhouse. The one-year-old asparagus crowns we planted in spring had strong root systems and that gave them a flying start.

The first year is all about development so there’s no cutting for the kitchen no matter how tempting the shoots are.

The first to appear were like knitting needles but as the season has progressed they’re now biro-pen thickness. The tall, feathery foliage stands just over one metre, adding attraction to the bed and still photosynthesising, so it can remain a while longer.

Imagine, 16 plants covering three varieties, starting production next spring and lasting 10 years or more. Can’t wait!