Looking back 10, 25, 50 years ago (published Gazette, October 15, 2015)

The Northumberland Gazette delves into the archives to remind readers of stories from the past.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A student was found dead at a Holy Island hotel after a party to mark the end of a university field trip. Charles Rory Bell, 22, from Marionslay, South Molton in Devon, was studying landscape architecture at Leeds Metropolitan University. His body was found in bed by his roommate at the Manor House Hotel on Friday morning. Police said there were no suspicious circumstances. It is understood he was involved in a beach party with a group of 39 art students on the previous night.

He had been swimming in the sea after drinking at a local bar. The students had been on the island since Monday and were due to leave on Friday morning.

Thursday, October 18, 1990

Storms with wind speeds of up to 90mph hit Northumberland over the weekend, but little damage was caused. Those affected were fishermen and other sea-goers between the Tweed and Coquet, with lifeboat crews being called out to help five boats that got into difficulties. A spokesman for the weather centre in Newcastle said the storm was not as severe as some last winter, but the north westerly direction meant sudden rough seas. One boat on the coquet broke away from its moornings never to be seen again. “The Wasp was last seen disappearing between the two harbour piers. It’s probably half way to Norway by now,” said Amble Harbour Master.

Friday, October 15. 1965

Instead of school leavers hunting for work, Britain’s good life is resulting in the jobs chasing the young folk, it was claimed at Alnwick County Secondary School on Wednesday.

“As far as I know all pupils who left school at the end of summer term have obtained employment. Indeed at present I have had many requests from prospective employers for school leavers for posts which I am unable to fill,” headmaster J Raine told parents and pupils at the school’s annual speech day. But in a determined bid to better themselves for the outside world, more and more youngsters are coming back for fifth and sixth years in some cases.